Dating Tips for Single Moms

Now you have successfully overcome all the hurt, anxiety and struggles of a divorce or split. The good thing is that you find being a single parent such a very rewarding stage in your life.


The hashtag #SingleBecause was trending on Twitter this morning, and I had to share some of the tweets: #SingleBecause God is busy writing the best love story for me. ♥ — Heartstagram ♡ (@Heartstagram) October 7, 2013 I am #SingleBecause my past experiences have made me a lot more careful with my heart. — Slick […]

Single Life Quotes

Being single might feel great one day and weigh heavily on your heart the next. This collection of short inspiration quotes on single life is sure to help cheer you on the low days and make you feel even better on the average one.

How To Have A Great Relationship With An Aries

Aries are naturally independent. Anything that is a threat to their independence, will not last. This applies especially to a relationship. Current society sees the relationship as a win-lose deal. And an Aries does not want to lose. At heart Aries is a warrior. For an Aries to lose means death or slavery. So relationships […]

3 Surefire Date Movie Hits

So, you have taken the plunge and have just invited your date back to yours for a glass of wine and a good movie; now all that is left is to buy or rent the appropriate movie and impress with your outstanding cinematic taste!

Feel Better About Life

What’s that? You’re feeling bummed about your dating life? Prayer and meditation are great ways to get some perspective, but if they don’t work, you need to take action and get your mind in a more positive place.

How to Cook for One Effectively

Look in any bookstore and head for the cookery book department and you will come across a few books all focussed on cooking for one, filled with recipes for single meals for single people.  The thing is with these books you are left trying to find the ingredients in the right quantities for the recipe, […]

How Much Does It Cost To Be Single?

Everyone wants to find that special someone, but the chances of bumping into them while doing the weekly shop are slim. The days of eyes meeting across a crowded room and romance ensuing are perhaps also a thing of the past. These days, finding your perfect partner is big business and anyone entering into the […]