How To Exude Confidence On A First Date

No matter how old you get, a first date can be a nerve wracking experience. You worry about presenting your best self so that your date doesn’t find you socially awkward. You put on your best outfit. You try and pick an outing that is casual and relaxed as you don’t want to put too […]

Date Night Outfit Inspiration – What To Wear To Wow Him

Along with dressing for a job interview, choosing what to wear for a date can be one of the most stressful and frustrating times you’ll ever experience standing in front of your wardrobe. Some women spend hours practically tearing their hair out trying to find something that strikes just the right note on a date […]

Get Over First Date Nerves

Meeting someone for the first time can leave you with an excited and slightly nervous feeling. You want the person to like you, after all, so it’s natural to want to make a good impression. Sometimes, though, your nerves may get the best of you. During those times you may come off like over-talkative, pushy, […]