How To Exude Confidence On A First Date

No matter how old you get, a first date can be a nerve wracking experience. You worry about presenting your best self so that your date doesn’t find you socially awkward. You put on your best outfit. You try and pick an outing that is casual and relaxed as you don’t want to put too […]

Date Night Outfit Inspiration – What To Wear To Wow Him

Along with dressing for a job interview, choosing what to wear for a date can be one of the most stressful and frustrating times you’ll ever experience standing in front of your wardrobe. Some women spend hours practically tearing their hair out trying to find something that strikes just the right note on a date […]

The First 8 Dates Are the Most Fragile

The first eight dates are the most fragile and it is easy to screw it up and ruin your chances of being invited to the next date and lose out on what could have been a great relationship. Three to eight dates is the average time frame for a man to decide if they want […]

First Date Ideas for Those on a Budget

Just because you can’t flash the cash does not mean you can’t make a great impression on a first date. In fact in the long run it could mean you fare a lot better than someone who is not on a budget and flashes too much cash!

Advice For The Big First Date

Everyone feels a mixture of excitement and nervousness when they consider going on a first date. There are perhaps few times that people desire to make an impression as much as they do on a first date. While there is no way to remove all of the fears that go with first dates, there are […]

What to Avoid On Your First Dates

Guest post Let’s face it, ­­you never get a second chance to make a first impression! That’s why, if you want to take things further with a woman, you need to show her your best on the very first date. And in actual fact, there are 5 things that men consistently do on first dates that totally destroy […]