Dating Tips for Single Moms

Now you have successfully overcome all the hurt, anxiety and struggles of a divorce or split. The good thing is that you find being a single parent such a very rewarding stage in your life.

Using Christian Dating Sites

Guest post Those crazy lucky ones who signed up for online dating and fell in love with the first person they met are anomalies.  Normally it takes weeks, even months or years, to finally date someone with whom a real relationship could work.  But that takes time and effort, like finding a new job. 

The Best Dating Sites

Dating sites are growing in popularity among busy people looking for friendship and love. There’s no doubt a range of options are available, but not all of these websites make it easy to find that connection.

Four Things You Need To Know To Increase Social Popularity

When you are looking to improve your social popularity, you need to use so many sources that come along with the internet. There are several resources available that can help anyone looking to improve the ways you communicate with people. Many will usually think that it’s very impossible; here are 4 things you need to […]

Impressing Your Date At A Haunted House

One of the best places you can take your date during the Halloween season is to a haunted house. While a scary haunted house may not seem like the most romantic date location, do not underestimate the power fright can have on turning a regular evening into a romantic evening.

Get to Know Your Date Over a Game of Chess

There are a lot of tools you could pull out to get to know someone on a date, but wooden chess sets should top the list. Invite your date over for a casual evening of fun. Make them dinner and stimulate a bit of conversation. Then pull out the chess set and get comfortable.

Christian Dating Sites

I get a lot of questions from Christians on whether or not they should use a Christian dating service. My personal feeling is that you don’t have to. I think if you’re a Christian that God is in everything you do. You know? So you can use a “mainstream” site like or Yahoo Personals, but […]