What to Do When You Suspect Cheating

Infidelity can ruin a relationship. You may never be able to get over the lying and the betrayal of your trust. Sometimes, simply the suspicion of infidelity can be just as damaging. In your heart, you feel like something is wrong. Perhaps your girlfriend has been more distant lately. Maybe your husband is working more […]

Why Your Man May Cheat

Many women wonder why men cheat on them. It’s an age-old question, and there is no one simple answer for every couple or situation. There are, however, some common reasons men stray. Here are just a few.

How to End an Emotional Affair

Emotional infidelity usually starts out slyly, with an exchange of emails or a phone call. Perhaps there is a flirtation with someone in the office or attraction to an old friend. Soon what started as a simple friendship develops into something more: an emotional affair that can devastate a relationship.

Fantasies That Hurt Your Partner

There are fantasies that are perfectly fine and may even be healthy for a relationship.  These are typically about people we imagine or dream about, or even a celebrity on TV.  Fantasizing about someone you’ve never met is usually harmless.  But there are some fantasies that can hurt a relationship. 

Cyber Affairs

The Internet has opened up a world of opportunities for us all. With a simple click of the mouse, people can get instant gratification, whether they are doing research, shopping for merchandise, or looking for a news item. Unfortunately, the Internet has also made it easier for partners to seek out attention and comfort from […]

Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

Infidelity can be one of the most heartbreaking things to deal with in life. Not just the affair but also the betrayal of trust. Often, it’s difficult to come to the realization that your partner has strayed. Take note of these indications if you suspect your partner of infidelity.