Date Night Outfit Inspiration – What To Wear To Wow Him

Along with dressing for a job interview, choosing what to wear for a date can be one of the most stressful and frustrating times you’ll ever experience standing in front of your wardrobe. Some women spend hours practically tearing their hair out trying to find something that strikes just the right note on a date night, while others end up rushing out to the shops in a last minute panic.

To save yourself hours of pre-date panic, take a look at these handy date night fashion tips.

The importance of being comfortable

There is no perfect thing to wear on a date. However, the most important thing to aim for is something you feel comfortable in. Choose an outfit that flatters your shape, showing off your best assets and concealing those parts of your body you are less keen on. When you feel good in something and know you look your best, this will give you a huge confidence boost, and there is nothing more attractive on a date than confidence.

Dress for yourself

Something you should definitely avoid when choosing what to wear for a romantic night out is trying to guess what your date would like. You may not know this person properly yet, nor their tastes, and trying to dress for someone else is pretty much impossible to do. You should always dress in what you like to wear, not to meet other people’s expectations. It is often said that you should be yourself on a date, and this is true for your dress sense as well as your personality. Express yourself for your clothes and if your date doesn’t like it, then he or she is obviously not the person for you.

Be memorable

If you want to stand out from the crowd and make your date really remember you, you need to be bold and memorable in what you wear. Leave the crazy hats and neon accessories at home though; all you need to do is to wear a bright colour. You can’t really go wrong with a rich red, a sexy, romantic colour, or a sweet, cute pink, but you can also go for bold colours that flatter your skin tone. This said, however, black is always sexy, and every girl has an LBD they can turn to for a special date night.

Don’t waste your most fashionable looks on your date

If we’re being really honest about it, most men don’t tend to appreciate the latest looks and fashion trends in the same way that women do. In fact, some guys can be quite baffled in the face of trends like peplum skirts, jeggings, shoe boots, disco pants and anything else bold or experimental that you and your friends are going crazy about. This is why it may be best to save your most fashion-forward looks for nights out with the girls, because your date just won’t get it. You’ll need to stick to classic, flattering looks if you want to wow, rather than confuse, your date.

Christine Felton is a Writer at Fashion Union provider of on trend women’s clothing in the UK.

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