Handling a Breakup on Facebook

It’s bad enough getting dumped by seeing your ex on Facebook afterward doesn’t help. Here are some tips on how to deal with things.

Aren’t breakups the worst? You feel horrible, you probably still love your ex, and you just wish you could meet someone great so you wouldn’t have to experience another relationship ending. Most daters go through at least a few breakups over time, so don’t think you’re alone if you’ve been dumped.

Being in a relationship that wasn’t successful isn’t the worst thing, but how you handle the breakup could affect your dating life going forward. Here are some tips for making sure you move on a healthy and positive way while also managing your Facebook page.

Stay Off Facebook After Your Break Up with Your Ex

If you’ve been in a relationship, chances are you were Facebook friends. Now that you are broken up, you may feel the need to check in on your ex to see how he or she is doing or even if your guy or gal has met someone new. But resist the urge to log on! You’ll only drive yourself crazy and besides that, checking up on your ex holds you in the past.

To move forward, give yourself time off of Facebook. You might want to unfriend your ex, at least temporarily. Tell him or her that you just want to get some space after the breakup, and perhaps in the future you can be friends again.

Avoid Posting Hurtful Things About Your Ex

Your ex may have cheated on you or been a total cad, but resist the urge to post about it on Facebook. Even if you aren’t Facebook friends with your ex, you probably have some friends in common and posting negative things will reflect badly on you.

Instead, hang out with your guy friends, or have a nice out with your girls in order to rant. Talking about it all in person rather than online will make you feel much better since you’ll have the human interaction to help sooth your hurt.

Don’t Talk Too Much About New Relationships

As soon as you meet someone new, you may want to post about it right away on Facebook to let the world know you are over your ex. You may even hope that words gets back to your ex. But before you rush into public declarations of love, take a step back and make sure you and your new love are really at the “announcing” things stage.

Don’t move too fast in your new relationship in an effort to make your ex feel bad or regret breaking up with you. When you end a relationship, wish your ex the best and move on. Don’t try and compete or be friends with them until you are truly over them. Be positive with Facebook so you won’t have any past negativity coming back to ruin the good things that are meant for you going forward.

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