How to Get Over Cold Feet

So, your wedding date is approaching rapidly and you are now having all sorts of thoughts running through your mind as to why you should not get married. However, this is something that is perfectly normal for both the bride and the groom to experience. But, what the main thing to remember is when you start having these thoughts is to get rid of them because if you are truly in love what you are experiencing is cold feet and this article will help you come up with different ways to get over it. Besides, your wedding day is going to be one of the happiest days in your life and you would not want to let “cold feet” be the reason it is not.

Take a Deep Breath and Gather Your Thoughts

This may sound a little silly to someone who has a million things running through their mind at once but you can best believe it works. Simply take some time away from all of the madness and just take a deep breath and gather your thoughts. Sometimes when we have too much on our minds it will make us think the worth and all it takes is some fresh air to unload our minds.

Write Out a Pros and Cons List

Write out a list of things that you like and dislike about your husband/wife. This will help you understand why you love them in the first place. However, in some scenarios you may have more cons than pros but usually the value and strength of the pros are going to outweigh the cons every single time.

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Take a Break From Wedding Related Things

Planning a wedding is something that can be very stressful for anyone. Sometimes cold feet arise simply because you need to take a break from the wedding in general. This can be done by taking a few days off from planning, shopping, and even talking about the wedding. Instead use this time to do something that you enjoy or going to the spa to get a massage to help you relax. When you do pick back up you will find that you will have a clear mind and your cold feet problems will have disappeared.

Talk To a Friend

Friends are here to support us for a reason. Sometimes getting over cold feet is as simple as explaining how you feel to someone else. Tell them what has lead you to having the ideas that you are having and see what they have to suggest. Sometimes a good talking is all you need to become that spunky bride to be that you were when your lover first popped the question.

Overall, cold feet is usually just something that happens naturally as you are about to make a life changing decision. However, sometimes it can also be trying to warn you of something. The advice mentioned above is to serve as your guide yet if something really serious has stemmed your cold feet you may want to consider seeking professional advice.

Guest post contributed by Victoria, on behalf of Personalized Wedding Gifts

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