3 Surefire Date Movie Hits

So, you have taken the plunge and have just invited your date back to yours for a glass of wine and a good movie; now all that is left is to buy or rent the appropriate movie and impress with your outstanding cinematic taste!

Trouble is, you want to eliminate some risk by choosing a movie which is popular enough to be a hit, but also to choose something that you can surprise your date with…a tough task indeed!

Worry not; here is our top three movie choices which will be (almost) guaranteed hits for a romantic night in!

1: ‘Singin’ in the Rain’: We start our list with a timeless classic – a film that simply gets better with each viewing; the choreography and music are impeccably assembled and the picture is sumptuously packed with dazzling sets and filmography; Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds turn in some career defining moments in this musical masterpiece – with comedy, romance and some fancy footwork, this 1952 classic is guaranteed to impress!

2: ‘The Kid’: Whilst we are on the subject of classics, sometimes you need to tickle your dates’ funny-bone and tug on their heartstrings – few movies successfully achieve both of these results, but ‘The Kid’, a 1921 classic starring the iconic Charlie Chaplin will forever be burnt in your memories after one viewing; this film has the added benefits of being fairly compact in its storytelling (it runs at just over an hour long) as well as being a silent movie…this means that you and your date can get down to the business of flirting during the film – once ‘The End’ appears on screen, this doesn’t signify the end of your date!

3: ‘Back to the Future’: Described by many critics as: ‘the perfect movie’, the pacing of this film means that there is never a dull moment; the script, score and special effects work together to create an 1980s classic which endures to this day as one of the all-time-greats;  Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd join a cast of cult actors in this story which has something for everyone: comedy, adventure, drama, science fiction – perhaps this is the movies’ key to success – the themes in the film are truly universal in nature and deal with issues of friendship, family and love; so go on, pop this little disc in your DVD player and get ready to feel ‘The Power of Love’!

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