Christian Girls’ Guide to Online Dating

Online dating is a great resource for daters today, but some Christian women shy away from the technology, assuming it is too forward in nature or against their beliefs. Others think that if God wanted them to meet someone, He would introduce them through friends or another source. If this sounds like you, take heart. Following are some tips which will help with the question of online dating when you’re a Christian.

Should You Use a Christian Dating Site?

There are many sites today that can help you meet someone terrific, but many wonder if they need to limit their search on a “Christian” site only. That is, can you use traditional or mainstream dating websites?

To answer this, consider that God is in every detail of your life. He is part of everything you do, and will remain so regardless of the online dating site you choose. You can still meet someone with the same religion on a site that is for everyone as opposed to one that specializes in Christians only. A smart option is to register with a site that has a lot of users and focus your search to those with Christian beliefs.

Is Online Dating Wrong if You’re a Christian?

Some Christians believe that online dating is wrong because if God wanted you to meet someone He would do it a different way, through other family members, friends, or even church. While it’s certainly possible to meet someone this way, why limit the ways in which God can connect you with someone?

God may be trying to have you meet someone special using technology since it’s the only way you may get introduced to certain people. Just because you use a website to meet someone special doesn’t mean that God isn’t involved in your relationship.

Do People Online Behave in a Christian-Like Manner?

Some Christian women fear that if they go online to meet their mate, he will turn out to be a liar or someone of low moral character. The reality is that you can meet people anywhere that will turn out to disappoint you. Rather than focusing on where you are meeting someone, pay attention instead to what the person is like when you’re together.

Make sure your date treats people with respect, that he is kind to you, and makes you feel special. Go slowly with any relationship and truly get to know someone before committing to them too fast. Date platonically until you feel comfortable with your guy. This is the only way to truly know the heart of someone you’re with.

Bottom line is that online dating is another great alternative for women to meet single men, and Christians are certainly a part of that. Use good judgment when going out with new people, and you just might meet the guy of your dreams.

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