Recently Divorced? Revamp Your Appearance in Four Simple Steps

Recently divorced? Then it’s time to say goodbye to the past and wave hello to a brand new you. The ending of a marriage is never pleasant, but a little pampering and preening could get you back on your feet.

Here’s how to revamp your appearance in four simple steps.

Improve your skin

Do you have spots and pimples from all the emotional stress? If so, head to the shops and treat yourself to some revitalising beauty products. A high-quality exfoliating cream will get rid of dead skin cells and a decent moisturiser will keep your skin soft and smooth. If you’re suffering from wrinkles, acne, rosacea or other embarrassing conditions, find a clinic that offers skin rejuvenation procedures or speak to your dermatologist.

Get rid of stubborn stubble

If you’ve let yourself go a little recently, that’s understandable – but now’s the time to take action. Buy a brand new razor from a beauty store and get rid of unwanted stubble in the shower. Lather up your legs and remove all the follicles in long, even strokes – being careful not to cut your skin. A soft, smooth complexion will boost your confidence and will help you dazzle in a summer dress or a pair of shorts. There are many ways to look glamorous according to experts, but eliminating dark hair on a regular basis could really work wonders.

Shape your eyebrows

While we’re on the subject of hair, take the time to shape your eyebrows. Tweeze out stray follicles and trim long stands with a pair of scissors. Be careful not to over pluck or you’ll have to draw on your brows using a special pencil. Find plucking too painful? Then pop into your nearest beauty parlour and have them threaded by a professional. This ancient grooming technique is extremely accurate and will leave you with perfectly shaped eyebrows in minutes.

Buy decent underwear

You might have just separated from your partner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear nice underwear. The right lingerie will do wonders for your figure and will help your bosoms to look shapely and pert. If you’ve not been bra shopping in a while, make sure you get measured in every store and ask a shop assistant to help you out. Opt for beautiful and adventurous styles and gives your chest a good boost. Many cosmetic surgeries offer breast augmentation procedures, but a decent boulder holder can do the trick – naturally.

If you’ve had a difficult time recently, a little beautifying could be just what you need.

Isabella Franklin, otherwise known as the Cosmetic Surgery Guru kindly shares five ways to look good after a break up. A previous beauty blogger she now blogs about cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments.

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