Can You Find Love Again After Losing Your Spouse?

The death of your spouse is one of the single most stressful events you can experience in life. No one is prepared to continue on without the love of their life by their side. Losing a spouse is heartbreaking, and it’s extremely difficult to cope with. As you go through the grieving process, you may think about being alone for the rest of the life you have left. It will be very lonely without your spouse. You might think you can never love anyone again, or that you wouldn’t want to. As time goes on, you might have feelings of wanting to have companionship again. Can you find love again after losing your spouse?

Guilt and Grief

When you’re grieving, it’s a very personal time, and everyone experiences grief differently. You may never stop grieving for your lost spouse, but you eventually learn to cope better with the situation. After some time, you might consider finding love again. Those thoughts might leave you feeling guilty. You vowed to be with your spouse through thick and thin, and to be faithful to them. Now that they’ve departed, would finding another partner be like cheating on them? Would they be looking down on you with sadness, disappointment, or anger? The guilt is a hard thing to overcome, but the truth is – you can overcome your guilt.

There are No Replacements

One of the important parts of getting over the guilt is realizing that finding a new love is not finding a replacement for your spouse. No one can ever possibly replace the connection and relationship the two of you had in your marriage – that is entirely unique to you. What you had with your spouse was special, and it always will be. Finding a new love is about finding companionship for the time you have left. You don’t have to be alone. Many people believe that their departed spouses would want them to be happy by finding love again. Your departed spouse loved you, and they would most likely not want you to be feeling so lonely for the rest of your life.

Opening Your Heart

If you truly want to find love again, you will be able to. If you open your heart to the possibility of loving and connecting to another person, anything is possible. You might find a great match for you, and you’ll enjoy spending time together. Your new relationship would likely be much different than your marriage to your spouse. You might have a renewed sense of the shortness of life, and you might desire to enjoy things while you can. It may be hard to open your heart again, but when you do, you will likely find it was worth it.

Many, many widows and widowers have remarried after losing their spouses. They are able to do so because they have come to terms with their loss and have opened their hearts to the possibility of finding companionship. In time you may find that your situation is not so different than theirs, and you’ll be able to welcome love into your life again.

Bert Williams is a college professor and entrepreneur who has first hand experience when it comes to losing a loved one. He enjoys giving advice on how to handle the grief and often writes on the subject.

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