Feel Better About Life

What’s that? You’re feeling bummed about your dating life? Prayer and meditation are great ways to get some perspective, but if they don’t work, you need to take action and get your mind in a more positive place. Here are five ways to actively feel better.

Clean Out a Messy Drawer

Just because your life is currently a mess doesn’t mean your drawers need to be, too. Focus on clearing out that one, nagging, out-of-control drawer that has been giving you grief every time you reach for something in it. Take everything out, toss the stuff you no longer need, and then put everything back in, this time in a different, more organized way.

Now, take a step back and admire your work. By doing this you’ll instantly feel better because you crossed off one small but persistent problem that was hanging over your head, but you’ll also be able to look at your situation a different way. Physically clearing out and reorganizing a mess can help you to mentally follow the same steps with the issue you’re dealing with.

Appreciate Someone Else’s Creativity

It’s hard to remain in a sour mood when you’re taking in a painting by one of the masters, or reading a book you really enjoy by a favorite author. Appreciating the creativity of others can inspire you in whatever it is you’re dealing with.

A good exercise is just to go to an art fair, visit a museum, or attend a book club discussion, and focus on what’s been created with nothing more than a few materials and someone’s mind. It’s an encouraging thing, especially when you’re feeling stuck in a particular situation in your own life.

Indulge in Some Mind Candy

So what if your favorite film is stupid and has no plot? Or you love to sit and watch reality TV for hours on end? A little mind candy can go a long way toward making you feel better. Go ahead and allow yourself permission to indulge for a bit.

Take a Walk

Getting in any type of exercise can help you feel better, but a solitary walk can also help put your mind in a better place. Unlike other methods of exercise, a stroll will allow you to ponder your situation gently while you move your body. You’ll release endorphins (which automatically ease your mood) while the rhythm of your steps will help get your mind in an almost meditate-like state.

Regular walking can help you deal with the stress for the long haul, too, so if you’re not a frequent walker, there’s no time like the present to start. Walking is the perfect exercise because you can do it alone or with a friend, you don’t need special equipment, and you can pretty much do it at any age.

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