5 Unique Date Ideas for Valentines Day

Guest post by Ashley from Never a Dull Date

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and like many of us you are probably wondering how you can make the most of the day. This year don’t waste your time and money at the over-crowded movie theater, or spend a small fortune on roses and dinner.  Instead, here are 5 unique date ideas for $50 or less that are a sure way to impress your partner on February 14th, or anytime during the year.

1. Bundle up and get out there!

Take advantage of the winter and use the frozen playground as inspiration for your Valentine’s date. Go ice skating/sledding/snowshoeing/make a snowman/have a snow ball fight, the list can go on and on. Afterward, snuggle up together by a warm fire and sip hot chocolate. The fresh air and exercise will help you beat the winter blues and warm your heart.

2. Dance Lessons

What girl hasn’t dreamed of having Patrick Swayze spin her around on the dance floor?  While you may not be as smooth or as coordinated, the thought and effort will certainly pay off.  Between dance studios and community programs there are plenty of options in almost any neighborhood.

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3. Dinner and a Movie Night – With a Twist!

Don’t feel like leaving the house on February 14th? That doesn’t mean you can’t create a unique date for your partner. Spice up the traditional dinner and a movie by creating a theme for the night. Pick up a bottle of Chianti, any Italian dish you love, gelato and rent an Italian movie – The Godfather, Roman Holiday or Life is Beautiful are a few suggestions. Take a break in Italy without even leaving your home!

4. Couples Massage

Don’t stress about Valentine’s Day.  Instead relax and unwind with a couples massage.  Not only is this date idea ultra romantic, if you book your massage with an RMT most health insurance plans will cover a large portion (or all) of the cost.  Check with your insurance company today.

5. Pamper Yourself

Don’t have insurance that will cover that spa trip? No problem. Light some candles, turn on some soothing music, dim the lights and re-create that relaxing spa feeling at home. If you really want to indulge, pick up some rose petals at your florist and pop a bottle of champagne.  Take turns giving each other a massage, or relax together in a bubble bath for two!

Ashley and her husband write at www.neveradulldate.com where they share their personal experiences on unique and creative date night ideas.  Never a Dull Date’s goal is to help you answer the question “What shall we do tonight?”

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