Necessary Steps for Families Facing a Divorce

The process of divorce is a destructive one. Its purpose is to separate the lives of two individuals that have spent years together living as a legal singularity. This division is not only a legal process, but an emotional process as well, especially when there are children involved. To ensure that your family remains safe and secure after a divorce it is important to take these steps.

Step 1 – Get Your Personal Finances in Order

When you are married all of your finances are pooled together. This means that your retirement planning, your monthly budget and your available resources are cumulative. However, when you get a divorced your assets are separated and you now have to rely solely on your own assets. This means that it is essential that you re-establish your financial security as soon as possible after a divorce. To do this you can work with a financial planner, an accountant and an attorney to do what it takes to establish retirement accounts, emergency savings, wills, insurance and other financial documents in order.

Step 2 – Understand Your Position

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the changes that occur when you get divorced. Many people going through this process feel lost after the fact. To recover from this shell shock you need to stop, sit down and evaluate your current position. Identify what you have, what you need and what your monthly needs are. Organize this information in a spreadsheet or print format so you can look at it and use this information to figure out a plan of action.

Step 3 – Create an Effective Parenting Team

When you have kids and get divorced you have the responsibility to establish an effective parenting strategy. If possible, keep both parents involved in the children’s lives. To do this effectively a parenting team needs to be established. This will be a new type of relationship between the parents of the children and it will require boundaries to be set, rules to be made and communications to flow. Developing a parenting plan with the help of a mediator can help parents of divorce to find the best way to be the best parents possible for their children.

Step 4 – Create Emergency Plans of Action

If you have split custody of the children, then it is important to develop a family emergency response plan for both parents. These plans will identify what each person needs to do during an emergency and how contact can be made with the entire family in the event that family members are separated. These plans will also include identifying escape routes and assigning responsibilities to each family member.

Step 5 – Set Goals

It is easy to believe that the good days of your life are over and to focus on the past when you get a divorce. To overcome this problem you need to set goals for your new life. These goals can be created for individual family members or the family as a unit.

Keeping families strong is a priority for Madeline Binder. Her writing reflects this dedication.

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