First Date Do’s for Men

In case you’re wondering, there is an “art” to meeting a girl for the first time. If you have ever wondered why you don’t get a second date, your first date approach could be the problem. Following are some tips to help you meet your new lady for a successful date.

Let Her Choose the Location

You might want to impress your date with one of your favorite hangouts, but on your first outing let her be the one to choose a spot. The best option is a coffee shop where there are plenty of people going in and out. If she’s stumped for a place to meet, then be prepared to offer up some choices.

Be Early

Most women don’t feel comfortable waiting alone for a date to show up, so ease her first date jitters by arriving 10-15 minutes early. Find a comfortable spot where the two of you can talk, and grab a coffee while you wait. Allow her to buy her own coffee or tea when she arrives, and greet her with a smile and gesture toward the chair you saved.

Leave the Baseball Cap at Home

Make sure you’re groomed and looking your best for the first date. You might feel totally comfortable meeting your new lady, but you should still dress appropriately. Wear a nice shirt, jeans, and have a cleanly shaven face.

Allow Her to be Part of the Conversation

Guys converse in an entirely different manner than women. Generally they’re more animated and aggressive, which is fine when they are talking with other guys, but for a first date it can leave the gal waiting for the opportunity to speak.

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Men might view a woman who doesn’t say much as quiet or worse, boring. But in order to hear her speak, ask her plenty of questions to make sure she’s engaged in the conversation.

Ask for a Second Date

Be prepared with a second date in mind when you’re about ready to wrap up your first outing. If you like the girl and feel that you’ve hit it off, have a specific day and time in mind and ask her out for a second date. Say something like, “I had a great time and would like to see you again. How about this Friday night? Are you available at 7:00?”

Even if you don’t have a specific activity in mind, it’s important to pinpoint a time so your date knows you are serious. Besides, your girl will appreciate this approach so much more than saying, “I’ll call you.”

First dates don’t have to be full of pressure and anxiety. By following a few simple tips, you’ll be able to present your best self while having a great time. Be sure to put the girl at ease by asking lots of questions about her. Then, sit back and listen. Getting her to open up will help the two of you to enjoy your date all the more.

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