First Date Do’s for Women

Many gals get very nervous when it comes to meeting a new man, but with a few common sense tips any date can be a success. Here are a few things that will keep your first date a positive experience.

Be On Time

Being fashionably late for five or ten minutes still leaves a poor impression. It says that you don’t care enough about the person you are meeting or his schedule.

While some women arrive a bit late so they won’t have to uncomfortably sit alone for their date to show up, a better option is to choose a coffee date for your first outing. A coffee date will allow you to comfortably sit by yourself (if necessary) while people come and go.

Dress Appropriately

First dates are about looking your best, so a tasteful outfit paired with an understated amount of makeup is most appropriate. Girls should be cautious however, in taking care to avoid wearing anything too sexy or low cut. You want to get to know your first date, not tease him the entire night.

Actively Engage in Conversation

Men communicate differently than women. They will often talk about themselves at great length in an effort to make good first date conversation.

Women, on the other hand, tend to listen politely as the guy talks. But some men might think their date is boring if she doesn’t speak up. Rather than sitting back and waiting for a break in the conversation, girls should make a concerted effort to interject points into the conversation, even if it means interrupting.

Have Fun On a First Date

Sometimes women can read a lot into a guy’s behavior on a first date. A girl might spend an entire evening wondering about whether a man is husband material or not, instead of just enjoying the date and having fun.

Rather than getting caught up in fantasies about the future, relax and enjoy spending time with your date. After all, if he has a great time with you, it will probably mean he’ll ask you out again.

First dates are all about getting to know someone new, which can be a fun and exhilarating experience. Make your very first impression a positive one by showing up on time, dressing appropriately, and actively being a part of the conversation. Don’t read too much into a first date. Instead, relax and enjoy your night out.

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