Best Lunch Dating Sites

Even if you’re too busy to meet people, you’ve still got to eat. Why not join a lunch dating service and take care of both?

For the busy professional, the thought of finding time to meet new people can be as daunting as the next work project. That’s where Lunch Dating comes to the rescue. Meet other busy working singles while you break for a quick meal or drink after work. Lunch dating services take the pressure off finding other singles just like you, who just haven’t had time to meet the right person yet. If you’re considering lunch dating, here are a few sites to check out:

It’s Just Lunch

• Dating for busy professionals.

• By far the largest lunch dating franchise, It’s Just Lunch was founded by a Chicago woman who’s engagement was suddenly called off in 1991. They now have over 80 offices throughout the globe, 30,000 members worldwide, and arrange 50,000 dates each month. They call themselves the “first date specialists” and put together dates over brunch, drinks after work, and of course, lunch.

Only Lunch

• The lunch and dinner dating agency.

• Located in London, Only Lunch encourages singles to “come in for a first meeting over coffee.” This first appointment will take about 45 minutes and give Only Lunch an idea of the type of likes and dislikes each applicant has. Then they search their database for compatible singles, book a table for lunch, and let the date proceed. After taking time to get to know the applicant, they “hand-pick” their matches using “good old fashioned gut feelings.”

Lunch Actually

• Asia’s premiere dating company.

• With locations in Malaysia and Singapore, Lunch Actually arranges “dates for busy and active single professionals in a discreet, fun and no pressure environment.” They specialize in handling business-minded singles looking for a serious relationship. Their clients are people with busy schedules, and include “open-minded managers, executives, directors, administrators, lawyers, accountants, doctors, and entrepreneurs who are now looking to get more from life than just work.”

Lunch Appeal

• CNY’s most talked of matchmaking service.

• Located in Liverpool, New York, Lunch Appeal screens every applicant in an effort to “maintain quality clientele.” They do not use computers to pick matches; rather, their “certified matchmaking consultants” meet with each applicant and then match up people from a personality questionnaire. Once they have a twosome they think will fit, they set up the entire first date.


• Business and pleasure.

• Serving clients throughout Europe, Eurolunch was created by a groupof professionals with “plenty of experience in fields like PR, networking, lifestyle-coaching, restaurants, dating and more.” Eurolunch’s clients include people living in Europe as well as frequent travelers to the area. Unlike other lunch dating organizations, Eurolunch gets people together for “business networking, dating purposes, or simple friendship.”

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